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Carlos, Brazil

December 01, 2005

InthreeoneMy name is Carlos and I am 42 years old. I come from Sao Paulo in Brazil. I came for business to New York and I stayed 7 more days for vacations after instead of going back to my country. I usually travel inside Brazil, but I already went to Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, France and many other countries. I like going abroad to practice my English and my Spanish.

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Gerardo, Guatemala

IntfiveoneMy name is Gerardo and I am 42 years old. I am originally from Guatemala but I often travel. I often go to Europe (Germany, France, Spain…), and sometimes to the US. I stayed in New York with my friend during three days. That was my first time here.

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Ana, Spain

IntoneMy name is Ana and I am from Spain. I love traveling overseas, especially in the U.S. and in Europe (London, Roma…). When I have long week-ends, I try to go away with some friends. I stayed 5 days in NYC with 4 friends for vacations at the end of June 2006, but it wasn’t my first time here.

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Maurice, France

My name is Maurice and I am 57 years old. I am originally from Paris in France. I don’t usually travel a lot, and when I do so, I usually go to the French Riviera in France. However, once every one year and a half, I like to come to New York. That’s my second time in New York and I always come here with my wife.

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Aparna, India

My name is Aparna and I am 34 years old. I am from India. I am staying 10 days with two colleagues in New York for business. But it is my second trip to New York and the first one was for vacation. I don’t often travel abroad but I love New York!

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Daniela, Brazil

InttwoMy name is Daniela and I am from Brazil. I am still a student so I have plenty of time to travel in the US and in Brazil. I often come to New York because I really love the City. This is actually my fourth time here and, for this trip, I stayed with my family during four days.

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Bonnie, Canada

Bonny_2My name is Bonnie and I am 60 years old. I am from Burlington, next to Toronto in Canada. We travel quite a lot with my husband. Lately, we have visited most of the Caribbean Islands and Europe (Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, France…). But it is my first trip to New York, even though it is the third one for my husband. We are staying five days in New York.

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Jennifer and Derek, Michigan (US)

Jennifer and Derek are 33 and 29 years old and usually go away twice a year in the United States for vacations. They already went, among others, to Miami and Los Angeles, and decided to spent 5 days in New York in August.

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Norman, Arizona (US)

My name is Norman and I am 67 years old. I am from Scottsdale, Michigan. I am staying 6 days with my wife in New York. But, it’s not my first time in New York! I am retired, so I have plenty of time to travel. We come to New York once a year and I also travel a lot to Europe (Sicily, Amsterdam, Barcelona…).

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Elliot, North Carolina (US)

IntfouroneMy name is Elliot and I am 57 years old. I moved to North Carolina one year ago but I used to live in New York before and still have my daughter in New Jersey. This time, I stayed in New York three days with my wife. I try to travel as much as possible since I am retired (Canada, Panama, Aruba, Hawaii…).

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